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Graceful Rhythms Dream of 2013
Posted 2013-1-28
GRs 2012 end party and celebration
Time flies, the new years coming. In Jan 27th 2013, every member of GR gathers together for the celebration of year 2012.
First of all, our general manager, King Liao, had a informal discussion with us about Summary of 2012 and GRs future. Workers were so eager to express their feelings how to develop and build up a harmony family. After discussion, company rewarded the excellent staff,excellent worker,excellent manager and best saleman of 2012. We all appreciated their hard-working for GR.

Secondly, Heart for Graceful Rhythm. Every one writed down their wishes on a heart-shape paper and pasted it on the big heart on the stage. No matter how many 18-years, we believe that it will stay as a team and fight for the future. And then came the show time. This part including singing, dancing, sketch, chorus, etc. To be honest, all the programmes were from staffs of GR, self-directed, self-guided. The brilliant show pushed the party into climax again and again.
Thirdly, after the excellent show, dinner began. The general manager gave us a brief speech, in his speech, Liao was actually certain of the hard work of all the staff in the past year's achievements and expressed his thanks, as well as proposed future work priorities and outlook. He said, For management,we will implement new refined data management; For maketing aspects, combine internal and external business into balance so that marketing achieve a new situation; For production, start the ERP and CAD systems, cut expenditure, establish management mode; For corporate culture, carry out the new" army + school + family "business culture, let "beautiful GR" become a slogan of pride. Overall, the short-term goal of the year is to raise the wage. "Graceful Rhythm" brand in 2014, became the first domestic luxury brand. The long-term goal is to use good business management, the quality of the product as well as the advantages of the corporate brand to create a hundred years industrial empire.
Such a hearty dinner interspersed with exciting lucky draw, the winning rate of over 50% forced the climax of the evening continued. In addition, the company has invited more than 100 of the company's suppliers, dealers guests to attend the party, to thank them for the past year, the cooperation and support, share with them the annual harvest joy and hope of the coming year!
2013 is a new year with new hope, a crucial year for GR to realize the dream. With the successful conclusion of the evening, the goal has become more clear, we continue to maintain the GR perseverance spirit and tenacious style, strive to achieve development and success of the luxury brand of Graceful Rhythm.
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